CNCc R2 and ‘the gimmik’

Since my translation plugin is broken; this post will be primarily english – as long there is no working version of the plugin. Some of you might remember my little Tweet on Nov. 16. about the PCB layout being ready for production. The pic isn’t actually the file I sent out for production; mainly because I found this bug… So *surprise* the finished PCBs arrived; all 10 (I acutally got 11) were $29.90 shipped (to germany – I think I love you, ITead…)… (click for bigger image) Beauty, aren’t they?! – so I got down into my lab and… Har! Beauty 🙂 So. What is this anyway? CNCc is a CNC peripheral controller using an Atmel AtMega644 clocked at 20MHz and connected to the PC via USB (FT232). Features: USB 2.0 to serial using FT232 3x 10A / 250V Relais

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Take a step up

For a little nightflight-illumination-project I needed a small 12V DC-to-DC step up converter. I searched and found one on ebay for about $13 including shipping. Not that bad a price, considering the shipping from the USA, but looking at Wikipedia, it turns out, that these devices are in fact dead simple. So:  Tiny25 + transistor + diode + inductor + elkos = step-up-converter. But, having a tiny on the board you can do some fancy stuff. Here is my design; 40mm x 27mm with regulated and adjustable output voltage, STABLE-output or ENABLE-input and I2C interface. I’ll supply the design files as soon as there is source code and it turns out the baby actually works. Please note that the PCB Design and schematic are released under a CC-BY-3.0 license.

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New videos!

First of all, here the promised hot air video: Then, I made a video (little boring I admit it) about milling alu on my CNC. I made this video because the setup produced a very nice suface finish… Music by Markus Menz

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