eZ430-Chronos unboxing

This was in my mail today… It’s from Digi-Key! Let’s crack this sucker open… Ok, I’ll see what I can do… πŸ˜‰ Look!!! I found an eZ430-Chronos! πŸ™‚ The Chronos was on sale on tiDeals for $25 or so, so I bought one… Little extra: The CHronos RF modem and a MSP-eZ430U Debugger (epic win!!) As Dave would say: “Don’t turn it on, take it apart” (actually with the supplied screwdriver..), this is what you cet; the Chronos watch module (with debugging connector). Unfortunately the Chronos is a little ugly (even more than on the website – so I think I won’t wear it.. πŸ™ ). Also it consistently measures the altitude 500m too high (haven’t found barometer setup yet). But it sure is a great toy and the MSP-eZ430U Debugger/Programmer is worth it’s money. So.. Stay tuned!

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Magmount refurbishment

I do (of course) have an antenna on my car, which was to date mounted with a pretty rusty old magmount. I don’t know; our local marten didn’t like that at all, the RG-58 which was unprotected ~20cm was completely torn to peices. To cut it short; I didn’t document the process. I could only reuse the magnet from the original magmount, the connector was completely encased in PVC and thus irretrievable. So i turned a new connector holder out of delrin (POM) and milled the fitting for the connector with my CNC. After I de-rusted the magnet, drilled matching holes, applied a base coat and some layers of laquer I screwed on the holder with V4A INOX screws. Tada…. (click for larger..) Β 

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FUNcube Dongle Pro unboxing

My FUNcube Dongle Pro arrived today (via FedEx). Ingenious tool, the first tests after the firmware upgrade were very promising; even with the “universal”-antenna which I ‘stole’ from my trusty Yaesu VX-3E… πŸ˜‰ Using windows, the usage of the ‘FCD’ is easy. Even though I am able to change frequency under Linux, it is a matter of demodulation software there. More about working with the FCD hopefully soon, now some exclusive images… πŸ˜‰

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