RFM23-S1 – 868MHz pure fun

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Saturday evening, I ordered 3 RFM23-S1 (868MHz) RF Modules from ORTAMEX(.de). They arrived today (tuesday) which is totally awesome.

For their price of about 5€, these modules have a scary amount of features. I am really looking forward to working with these modules but due to a acute lack of ideas this could still take some time…


  • hello I need help with this unit I do not know how to connect it to USART transmit from pc to pic and I have the preograma I want to convey but I have no idea how to do the conexion these modules

    you can help me please

  • Sorry, HopeRF doesn’t prefer “downward compatibility” as a product specification. The RFM22B/RFM23B communication is fully different. But there is an example on the site, and you can search for RFM22 for example avr code on Internet (it is the same exept output power and additional power amp pins).

  • Nope, I haven’t tried them yet. But AFAIK there is a library for AVRs using the RFM12 modules, which should work for the RFM23 as well due to downward compatibility….

  • Have you tired use this module with MCU AVR?

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