Panic, panic, panic!

In germany we ave a strange culture around nuclear power.

The AKW Krümmel, a german nuclear power plant, has been shut down yesterday because of a failing transformer, which caused a low voltage on two of the four power supplies of the plant.
An automated security system shut down the reactor and in doing so prevented potentially more serious things.

Well I’m happy that at last the security-systems still work (because of Germanys nuclear phaseout, money is rare…). The AKW Krümmel is not quite famous for its security, this year there were for example a damaged part of reactor security system or some broken switches, which switched emergency power, all of which are not funny in case of an accident.

But what makes me angry is, that the press and our nuclear opponents denunciate the emergency shutdowns so much, because these shutdowns show that the safety-systems work. That shows me, that they’re not very concerend with nuclear safety and just try to spread their propaganda ‘just in time’. That isn’t about with reactor safety, that is about ‘back-to-the-stone-age’…

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