My Dad bought a fancy, configurable Gigabit-Switch today and I was all about to set it up. The old one had sporadic malfunctions and so I plugged all the wires in and ping <gateway>

Rien ne vas plus

In addition to that, my CPU-Load grew up to 100%, controllable by plugging or unplugging the ethernet-cable. “Hm” I thought and started a short diagnostic using Wireshark (which almost instantly crashed). The traffic consisted nearly completely from broadcasts coming from I unplugged the corresponding cable but nothing happened. At some point I remembered that Mr. Schmid told us in a IT-lesson, that loops (a loop is when you connect 2 switchports directly) can cause such broadcast-storms. After that I remembered, that Spanning Tree was disabled in the switch so I started searching. I found a short yellow cable which apparently wanted to mess up my day… I disconnected it and instantly enabled Spanning Tree…

Now it works *jeeh*

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  • Moin moin,

    manchmal hat das, was man in der Schule macht, auch einen direkt umsetzbaren Wert. Ist eben nicht nur alles Theorie. 😉

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