Jeah! Weapons for everyone!

We have elections ths year in Germany and our politicans are very excited already! They want to tighten the regulations on firearms – once again.

It is strange, I thought that 6 million shooters in Germany are a pool of voters you don’t want to mess up with. But polls must show something else.

It is even more strange, that they want to prohibit Paintball and Laserdom if you believe a politican called Bosbach. Well, Bosbach is not well known to me due to his engagement regarding telecommunication data retention…

Weapon lockers are to be equipped with biometric locks. Jiiiha! I do know weapon lockers. I shot some time in our local shooting club, and my father does shooting as a hobby. Weapon lockers are quite well secured cabinets, specially expensive ones. If I had to open one with a electronic lock I – as someone who never has done something like this before – couldn’t come up with a solution which takes less than several hours or days. With biometric locks it is quite different. These sensors are that easy to trick… Search for Fingerprint and Mythbusters on youtube. But it’s way simpler…

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