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Do you know why you don’t get pimples on your feet?

I know, an essential question. But why do I ask such inredibly world-moving Questions? Lately, I had an interesting experience; while getting a haircut, I why there are pimples and why you don’t get them on your feet. You could say that you don’t have sebaceous glands on your feet, but that would be logical and scientifically proven which is somehow – boring. So that is completely wrong. Because: toxines in the body (whatever that may be) react (chemically – wow) with water and because toxines are either warmer than the environment or are gaseous, they rise up. Fascinating, isn’t it? Well. At the end these toxines are kind of exhaled through the scalp.

If the scalp is somehow not able to do so, the toxines are then somehow excreted as pimple. So when you squeeze one the next time… wear protective gloves – it could be highly toxic…

Oh dear. Stay away from “naturopathy”!

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