(Deutsch) Logic sniffing at its best

I’m currently developing a controller for an hot air soldering gun (sic!), for which the temperature monitor doesn’t work yet. Because I use a special multichip-version of my Max6675-library, i had to check communications first. What would come in more handy than a Open Logic Sniffer? okok, pics…

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New libraries

The output of my latest project is here, 2 new libraries… 1) MenuLib A new menu library for embedded applications (AVR etc.) … HERE 2) EZmalloc A simple way to dynamic memory allocation on microprocessors (AVR etc.)… HERE

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What you get for your money…

I’m currently (also) designing a digital logic analyzer with a target maximum frequency of about 100MHz. To cut the story short; I received my “special” parts from SEGOR today. Incredibly I payed about 44€ for these 2 ICs. The first is a Cypress CY7C1347G-133AXC 128k * 36 static RAM; which can take up to 133MHz clock rates (static because I don’t like [and can’t take care of] refresh cycles…). The second is of course the Altera EPM570 CPLD (for up to 300MHz clock). Today these beauties arrived in a quite big box (which made me think of why they send such a giant parcel) but as i unwrapped it… but see for yourself…

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