(Deutsch) Logic sniffing at its best

I’m currently developing a controller for an hot air soldering gun (sic!), for which the temperature monitor doesn’t work yet. Because I use a special multichip-version of my Max6675-library, i had to check communications first. What would come in more handy than a Open Logic Sniffer? okok, pics…

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Finepitch SMDs, FR4 and 36°

Michi and I discussed whether it is possible to mill finepitch-SMD footprints (as used with LQFP64 packages) with the CNC… Michi had already tried and told me that he “only saw stripes of FR4”. So I put in a 36° engraving bit and here’s how it turned out. (Remember this is just a proof of concept, it doesn’t look quite “usable”…)

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