DJI Zenmuse H3-3D – repair (Part 1?)

Big Drama… I had a pretty horrible crash with my DJI F550. There was a catastrophic resonance which made the copter unstable and uncotrollable. The Drama was, that my beloved DJI Zenmuse H3-3H Gimbal was underneath, when it crashed on the roof. This is how the gimbal looked… (Thank god, the GoPro was OK) The first problem was a sticking ‘roll’-axis. It was easily fixable. The axis of the roll axis has an easily reachable screw which claps the motor to the axis. The arm squeesed onto the regulator PCB due to the crash. Fixing was as easy as loosening the screw and tightening it again. But, at a close look, I found a defect halleffect sensor on the ‘nick’-motor of my gimbal. Normally this is a death-sentence. Googling A search online yielded that the DJI motors are sold and

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