The Badge

The badge is / was a project, which is / was there to come up with eagle. But I have to admit, it is pretty funny.

The ‘badge’ is a little gadget, which you can put on your shirt and display Messages on 5*7 LEDs.

At the moment, I freezed the badge, which means that the project is not completed yet, not to mention that it has any kind of ‘documentation’. So you would have to do some reverse engineering…

The PCB is simply soldered on a Kingbright TA12-11HWA. Pin 1 is marked with a small ring on the top layer (CPU-Layer) of the PCB.

Displaying text messages with variable length works pretty well, but they cant yet be programmed via RS232.

You can design and upload your own Charset.

I would be very lucky if someone could take a look over this project and finish it.


The project is published via a GPL-License!


The PCB is just mounted (soldered) on the back of the Kingbright.

Here you can see the EEPROM and a ISP-jack, which is removed after flashing the AtMega8.

This is magic!

From the side.

A small test…


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