The Skate-Computer

Well a very rare and seldomly practised freetime-activity which I (really) enjoy is inline skating. The point is, that I prefer to skate after 20:15, which means dim light (but endless silence and calmness – really relaxing).

But, as I mentioned, there is this light problem, and because I dont like people running around on the streets when I drive a car, I thought there should be a good excample (And I wouldn be happy if someone runs me over as well).

So I decided to build a Microcontroller based system which can switch on and off lights and could – along the way – record data (such as wheel-RPM distance etc.).

That is what came out:


Be careful, I build this in all in all 3 Days, which means the files arent that fancy.


On the right the Mainboard with AtMega8L, I²C-EEPROM and some open-collector outputs with 1A and 0,5A.

There are also the LEDs and a ~600mAH-LiPo-Battery.

The LiPo-Battery is shrinked into a thick shrinktube, then the electronics is mounted above. I recommend to add connectors to the cables of the LEDs.

…The electronics is mounted via velcro above the wheels.

Hardwarerevision 0.2a


The Backlight. Normally, only the 5mm LED is burning, which is enlighted permanently – like the frontlights. When a car is approaching from behind, both 10mm-LEDs will light up.


I would be happy if someone would build it, with whom I could share ideas and code…

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