~- The bot for the german ‘Young Scientists’ tournament (Jugend forscht) –


When we take it seriously, Log was the first bot which I planned through and through.

The aim was to create a robot which was capable to avoid obstacles using just a camera (quite ambitious, I know 😉

You can download the ‘Jugend forscht’ documentation for Log, which is unfortunately only availabele in german: Dokumentation.

Because Log wont be developed any further, I will keep the discription brief and show some pictures instead.

You can download the sourcecodes for the Log-systems here (BASCOM-BASIC):


Common images



These pictures show the control-LEDs of the adametry-sensor modules in the dark.

The pic from above whithout arrows.

‘jacked up’ due to programming / debugging

Pictures of subsystems:

On this PCB there is a Communications (UART) hub and a PCF8574 which is there for debugging.

This is the main controller PCB whith a AtMega8?, a I²C-EEPROM and several pinheads für I²C, UART etc.

This pic shows one of the main components, the Picture-Interpreter-PCB. It Contains a AtMega16? (16MHz), a ADC0820 and 128kb of SRAM (other side). This Module does everything which has to do whith picture-interpreting.

This module cares for wireless communication. I used a easyRADIO Module here, which I ‘enriched’ it whith a hardware flow control to be able to connect it to the main communications bus.

Here you can see the engine control, which uses a L293DD. The engines are controlled by a AtMega8?, which also cares for odometry and driving straight-on.

This part contains 3 Modules: first a power control module with 2 7805 voltage controllers (dirty but works), second a (a bit) complicated power-switch, which switches power on and off using a magnetic switch and a FET and third and last a 128*123 pixel black/white digital camera module ehich is directly accessed by the picture interpreter shown above.

Cable tree

This is one of the two odometry sensors with bulit in signal amplifyer (OPA2340) and blue led ;).

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