Little Electric iNtelligent uAv


LENA is my actal ‘big’ project. At the moment I do a lot of ARM-Work (such as ‘understanding’ and ‘debugging’). It looks quite well at the moment, my code runs. Previously I had a lot of compiler / linker problems. But Martin Thomas was able to help me quickly and competently.

Thanks again.


  • Hardware-design-phase
    • Gyro and Acceleration Data Acquiring and Computing Unit (GADACU)
    • Flight Control and Information System (FCIS) (Main Control Unit – MCU)
    • Servo Handling System (SHS) (FPGA-based, FPGA logic for servo controlling works)
    • Power Supply (PS) (5V, 3,3V + backup)
    • Serial Interface Switch (SIFS)
    • (Telemetry and Remote Control (TRC))
    • RF Link (RFL)
    • (Flight Data Recorder (FDR))

No guarantee for the names… ;D

  • find matching electric helicopter


Term paper, (german) PDF ~950kb

Project Log

  • ARM-Programming / Interrupts : OK / Done
  • Design own ARM-PCB, program etc. : OK / Done
  • Control, read out and play with Gyro / Accelerometer : OK / Done
  • Thoughts about alignment control: 95% (conceptional ok)
  • Systemdesign GADACU : 95% (Redesign)
  • Systemdesign FCIS : 10% (planning phase)


  • Tobias Schlegel (UAV & Management)
  • C. Schmid (Consulting)
  • D. Ernst (Consulting)

Sponsoren, helpers andSponsors

  • Analog Devices (r)
  • Jet Cat (r)

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