In progress: Reflow3

A short update concerning my new reflow firmware: It consists of 37 Files, 19 of them *.c (rest is .h containing defines typedefs and structs and so on – to keep things tidy). There are (’til now) 1449 lines bare code, plus 1009 empy lines plus more or less useful comments makes 3129 Lines alltogether… I have the firmware for the new Reflow3-Controller in my pipeline. The problem was that my newly designed menu-lib didn’t work at once. So I used some LEDs for debugging. The software uses an internal scheduler, which calls certain functions periodically. To test the call of the display-refresh-function I toggled the LED inside this function. It blinked and I was also able to measure the accuracy of the timers 😉 Here my setup: (click to enlarge) And this is the Display of my (new, shiny

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The [extreme] Sport Wing

UPDATE: Here is a Video … thanks Tim for making this possible. ;D Tim and I are playing around with RC aircraft lately, and because I crashed my Katana mostly in the first flight, a substitute was due. We found a Wing (by Free Scale) in the basement, which waited for some better time. With the kit’s standard-drive-kit the performance was not quite “amazing” so I decided to go brushless. I milled the engine mount myself. But see for yourself…

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Go, go iran, go!

I think it’s completely amazing what iran people do at the moment! Against all efforts of the iran government, the protesters get their information into the www. Totally amazing! This shows clearly that it is just impossible to regulate or censor the internet. Pity, that our german government is just interested in content and not in ways of communication…

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